We have a large house share that I rent with some of my colleagues from London escorts of https://escortsinlondon.sx. It’s a beautiful Victorian style house with 4 floors and high ceilings. The rooms are spacious and we all have our own en-suite. The outside of the house looks very old-fashioned however the inside is very modern clean and basic colours. The girls from London escorts and I like it like that so then we can put our own stamp and character to each of our rooms. 


One of the girls from London escorts who recently joined the company took the last room in the house share. She is very quiet and keeps to herself however the girls from London escorts and I feel that there is something a little off about her. At work she gets bookings all the time she is very popular with younger gentlemen. She doesn’t interact with the other girls from London escorts or myself when we’re at home. After every shift she finishes she just goes to her room. One day I went to call her to see if she wanted to eat in the garden with the rest of me and the girls. She slightly opened her door but not fully I could only see half of her face. What I saw behind her was strange to me. Her room was painted black and it had specs of red all over the wall like someone had opened a bottle of ketchup and it squirted everywhere. All the other rooms in the house are decorated in light colours some of the girls even have plants in their rooms some of the kinkier girls from London escorts even have mirrors on the ceiling. However overall our rooms are nicely decorated. 


At dinner I told the other girls from London escorts what I had seen and how strange I thought it was. Julia from London escorts said maybe she’s just a Goth. That maybe true but there’s something strange about her. A couple of weeks after that one night when the girls and I were having a glass of wine and watching TV we heard a scream coming from the Goth girls room. We all ran up to see if she was okay but she didn’t answer the door. We called out and told her we were coming in to check that she was okay. She open the door for us quickly and out of breath told us she was fine and that she’s going to bed now. I tried to look behind her face and see if anyone or anything was in her room. I couldn’t see anything it was pitch black the curtains were drawn and she barely had the door open. After seeing that she was okay and not injured the girls and I went back downstairs and finished our bottles of wine and a movie. But for the remainder of the night and up until now I still feel there is something strange about this girl.