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The Good Cat Spell Book By Gillian Kemp

So truly…I just don’t know what to say.  This is absolutely one of the prettiest books I’ve seen in quite some time.  The cover is cushy and thick and leathery and almost journal-like in quality.  It would not surprise me at all had the edges of the pages been gilded.  In addition to a wonderful cat history, there is a healthy dose of around 50 spells all using cats as a magickal tool.  I almost expected to see an altar diagram with the outline of the chalice, the censor, the athame, the candle, the cat…

Seriously, though, the spells in this book are quite good and would truly be quite effective with our without feline assistance.  A good many of them instruct you to “brush your cat’s fur,” so I am quite sure the use of this book will please kitties far and wide.

The book carries on past the spell work, including astrology for cats (I do not want an Aries cat!) and ending with a cat oracle involving Egyptian heiroglyphics and, naturally, your cat.  My cat wanted no part of it, but then, he’s never been a particularly helpful or concerned soul, preferring to tend (or have me tend) to his own needs and ignoring my own. 

For the die hard cat lover, this book would be a treasure.