A Love Alchemist’s Notebook by Jessica Shepherd

Dear Jessica,  My deepest apologies for the delay in getting this review written.  I kept getting distracted by having mad hot sex with the guy who is the truest love of my life.  So…thanks!  :)

Oh Jessi, you vivacious minx!  How lucky can we get to have a hot red-headed astrologist who is married and living a (presumably) happy life out on the Bay to tell us how to draw love into our lives?  Usually it’s old women who have never had a lover and live alone with their cat in Nebraska.  Those who cannot do, teach… but not in this case!

This book is such a fun mix of anecdotes and quips that you can easily overlook the fact that it his positively filled with wisdom, both inherent and scientifically based.  I can come at this from many different angles and since A) it’s Friday and B) my alternative to doing this review is to get up and start cleaning my funky house and C) it’s my website and I am the boss and I can do whatever the fugsticks I want to, I am going to do just that.  If you would like to put off cleaning your house or washing your dog or looking at your cat and wishing he was a man or some other depressing project, just hang with me and read about how great this book really is:

Magically  – I have lived and worked in the magical field as a magical person for, wait, have to count, around 25 years.  That’s right.  A quarter of a century.  I’m no Laurie Cabot, mind you, but I’m not slouch either.  The energy that is instilled into this book is tremendous.  It is very positive in nature and extremely empowering.  After you read this book, you will wonder why you aren’t sleeping with you more often.  You will love yourself and thereby become absolutely fascinating and irresistible to everyone around you.  Since you are – if you are reading this book likely – a magnet for situations that cause you to feel “less than” or unworthy, make sure you read this with a stack of bookmarks and a big, fat highlighter because you are going to need to go back to certain parts over and over again, using them for affirmations until they become a natural part of the way you think.  The book in and of itself is kind of a spell.  There are, in fact, spells inside it and I can personally endorse each and every one as being a winner. Stock up on candles of all sorts.  Just do it.

Literarily: Is that a word? I mean “in the literary sense.”  I am a voracious reader. I am a writer.  I worked for many years as a librarian.  I am an editor for several major websites. I am a freelance writer and journalist.  I’m no Dorothy Parker, mind you, but I’m not slouch either.  This book is infinitely readable.  It has a flow and cadence to you that will suck you in within a few paragraphs and honestly, you will find it hard to put down for the read itself.  Ms. Shepherd’s writing style is engaging, fun and tremendously interesting.  She is obviously well versed on many levels and it shows in her writing.

Practical Application:  I am big on advice that works.  I’m no Heloise, but I’m no slouch either.  So often in a book on how to attract a mate, the advice that is given is either so saccharine that you can’t take it seriously or else is not applicable in any way to “real” people living  a “real” life.  Not so with this book.  You can feel the authenticity when she writes about the pitfalls of attracting a true love and how we get in our own way.  You can imagine that she has been through the humbling process of having a worthless guy camping out on her sofa asking for a beer and has come out of the tangled web of dysfunctional relationships and regrettable encounters and lived to tell the tale (and do better).

Scientifically. I don’t know crap all about science and I’m no Carl Sagan, so I guess I am a slouch.  The ideas the author presents in this book are in tandem with recently applauded concepts such as “The Laws of Attraction.”  Even Dr. Phil says things like “What you fear, you create.”  This book tells you how to fall in love with yourself and bring to life a glowing self-confidence that activates those pheromones and sends out all of the right signals to the people you want to attract into your life.

The bottom line is that this book will work.  The back-of-the-book blurb remarks that the author is called the “Carrie Bradshaw of astrology.”  Carrie Bradshaw only wishes she could be as cool as Jessica Shepherd.  In fact, so do I.  (I’m 3 hours from the Bay, Jessica.  Call me.  We’ll hang out.)

This book is published by Llewellyn Publishers can may be purchased on their website or through Amazon.com (it can also be Kindle-ized).

Jessica Shepherd’s lovely website is here.

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