A Guide to Pagan Camping by Lori Dake

Lori Dake starts her book on Pagan camping with a quote by Clark Griswold from the “Vacation” movies, “Why aren’t we flying? Because getting there is half  the fun. You know that.”  So why aren’t you flying?  This book will make you want to hop on your broomstick and get going!

From basic camping manners to food storage to planning to all sorts of other helpful tips, this comprehensive guide will have you well prepared for any Pagan outing, large or small.  I have personally tried some of her camping appropriate recipes and they are fabulous.

Literally, there is no earth stone left unturned and no corner of festivals left unexplored.  I highly recommend this book for those who are novices to Pagan festival touring and particular to those who will be vending at these events.  The common sense wisdom the author provides is priceless and speaks from years of experience.

Whether you are traveling solo, with your family and/or with your Covenmates, you will likely find your every question answered in full in these pages.  This book is certainly a worthwhile addition for any Pagan library and truly, if everyone followed these guidelines, Pagan festivals would be much more fun to attend.

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