The Dragon Keeper’s Handbook

By Shawn MacKenzie
Reviewed By Katrina Rasbold, Editor

(Llewellyn Publishers)

What does a dragon sound like?  Does a dragon need water?  Are there gay dragons?  How should you keep an incubating dragon egg at each stage of development?  What terrains are hospitable to dragon life?  What medical supplies should you have on hand for the care of dragons?  What do dragons eat?  What happened to the dragons of old?  What is the separation of fact and myth regarding dragons?

Shawn MacKenzie’s profound respect and love for dragons, their lore and their keeping permeates this exhaustive exploration of all things dragon.  Her labor of love is bound to be the treasure of any true dragon enthusiast as she details the finest point of “the care & feeding, life & lore of these fiercely splendid creatures.”

The author tracks everything from the dragon’s place over time in mythology, their hunting,mating  and sleeping habits and their behaviors through the seasons.  If you want a measure of the fine points of this book, there is even detailed instructions for the legal probate of dragon inheritance and how to properly transfer your dragon to its new legal owner upon your (expected) death (given their longevity).  There is literally no stone unturned in the exploration of the dragon experience.

Ms. MacKenzie’s writing style is extremely favorable and engaging.  Her dedication to and appreciation for dragons as a life form is tremendous and it is clear through every word of her writing that she possesses great reverence for these magnificent creatures and those who honor them.  This book is a must have for all lovers of these “most perfect beings.”

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