Everyday Witch A to Z by Deborah Blake

Two words:  How Fun!!  Admittedly, having been a Witch for a couple of decades now and a book and product reviewer for 6-7, I have to say that it takes a mighty impressive push to get me excited.  This book is marvelous, plain and simple.  In my house, it’s quite a compliment to have a book relegated to the back of the toilet, although it seems it would not be.   That’s where all the best reading goes for us and this one will be a constant bathroom companion.  It is just chock full of clever tidbits, all neatly alphabetized in a magnificent mishmash that joins together like a patchwork quilt of Pagan entertainment.  From spell work to rituals to stone and herbal guidance to jokes and stories, this book has it all.

In Paganism, an adage is that we “live the ordinary life in an extraordinary way.”  With all of the many tired and true (of course I mean “tried and true,” silly me!) newbie instructional manuals on the market, I say with a great deal of praise that Ms. Blake has written the ordinary beginner manual in an extraordinary way.  That is not to say there is not a plethora of useful and entertaining information in here for the experienced Witch.  Certainly, a practitioner of any level would find this book to be extremely worthy and enjoyable to read.  As a beginner’s book, however, it sneaks the information in on you before you even realize you are learning. 

I would definitely add it not only to the required reading list, but to the required having list as it is destined to become a dog-eared, highlighted, bookmarked classic.

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