One Witch’s Way by Bronwynn Forrest Torgerson

This lovely volume is a quick read full of delightful stories and rituals to take the reader through a full year of fun.  Ms Torgerson is engaging and magickal, letting her words dance across the page like carefree elves.  The poetry that is peppered throughout the book is tremendously cute, especially “Two Little Girl Frogs,”  and there is just not even one page on which even the most cynical spirit will not find a smile.

My favorite line in the entire book comes in the telling of an experience the author had while in medative counsel with The Goddess.  “I had never heard The Goddess swear before.”  I had to chuckle over that one due to my own experiences with the bawdy and dynamic side of Female Deity.

Just read it.  You’ll love it.

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