Tarot Wisdom by Rachel Pollack

*sigh*  I’m such a groupie it’s not even funny.  Eileen Connolly, Nancy Garen and Rachel Pollack were the names on which I cut my little newbie Tarot teeth back in the deepest, darkest 1980′s when I first began reading cards.  With the subtitle of “Spiritual Teachings and Deeper Meanings,” I could not wait to get my hands on this book.

Overall, it did not disappoint.  If I’d phoned up Ms. Pollack and said, “Rache, write a book and tell me everything you know and every thought you’ve had about each of the 78 classic Tarot cards” and she answered, “OK, no problem,” this is the book that would result.  Her writing style is still as engaging and easy as it was 20-some years ago when I first started reading her work.  It is just as informative and impressive as “Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom.“  My own complaint:  I did not care for the illustrations. 

I would say that this book almost presents too much information to take in except that I am a “hit the ground running” kind of person with the subject of the Tarot and like to lick up just about every bit of insight I can find about different ways to read the cards and new considerations regarding the classic illustrations.   For me, there isn’t a point of “too much information” and I enjoyed every word of this book. 

I fully expect to go back over it again and again, just as I do with the Tarot, each time picking out something new and seeing a paragraph or sentence in a new light.

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