Famous Divas

It is just a damned shame that in the media, being a “Diva” is given a negative connotation and equated with being a BITCH.  As you have likely seen if you’ve read the important material provided on this website, there is just a whole world of difference.

Sure, there are famous woman who truly are evil bitches and we wouldn’t hang with them if they were the last bitches on earth!  We all enjoy our own company enough that we have standards, and big ol’ high ones at that, for who gets to share our time.  Some of the True Divas (yes, capital letters, shut UP) out there are definitely worthy of our attention and some of them we’d even clamor around and suck up to a bit.

Here is a starter list of some of our own favorites:

Rebecca Wells (Author of the Ya Ya Books)
Rebecca Wells is the first Diva I encountered via her fictional writing where I came away
saying, “Aha!  She gets it!  She knows about dignity through loss, the power of friendship,
the true grace of aging and most of all, how to throw the mother of all tantrums and say, “Oh, did *I* do that?”

Maya Angelou (The Mother of All Divas)
So formidable is her female power that my #2 son, who is late 20ish, believes she is going
to eat him with all those teeth.  I kneel at her feet, rest my head on her lap and say, “Aunt
Maya, tell me a story.  I love you.”

Majel Barrett (Widow of Gene Roddenberry)
She continued an empire and brought Lwoxanna Troi to life.  What’s not to love?

Jill Connor Browne

Not *a* Boss Queen, but THE Boss Queen… She gave ME the tools to be a Queen and now I am the Boss Queen of all of Grizzly Flats, California.  Today Grizz, tomorrow, the WORLD!

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